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Gentex EPS-21 Goggle system

New Tactical Goggle for US Army

Ballistic inner lens

Come with different outsert lens

Special strap, can don and doff the goggle without take it off  from head (see the lower right picture)

Helmet strap for secure the goggle with helmet

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MSA Special protective eyewear cylindrical system (SPECS)

New Tactical eyewear by Dept. of Army

Ballistic inner lens

Come with fully adjustabe earpiece, additional cable temples, retainer strap, Gray lens, carry case.

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Bolle's X-500 Tactical goggle

Ballistic lens

Used by SEAL, USMC force recon, Special forces, Police

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Bolle's Commando Goggle

Ballistic lens

With protective nose guard

Olive Drab (rare), Black color (common)

Used by SEAL, Special forces, Police

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Bolle's T-800 Goggle

Ballistic lens

Lighter than X-500 and Commando Goggle


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Bolle's Defender Goggle

Ballistic lens, double layer

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PO protective eyewear

Ballistic lens

Used by SEAL, Special forces, Police

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GI goggle