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MSA MCU2A/P Gas Mask

With Mic plug at voice window

Clear and dark visor

Used by USN, USAF, SEALs

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MSA MCU2/P Gas Mask

Without mic plug at voice window

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M-17 Gas Mask

Used by USMC, SEALs, US Army

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MSA M-40 Gas Mask

Used by USMC

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MSA M-42 Gas Mask

Used by the crewmen of tanks

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Avon S-10 & SF-10Gas Mask

S-10 with drinking tube

SF-10 without drinking tube

Tinted outserts lenses

Used by the UK army, SAS, SWAT and  other special forces

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Phalanx Tactical Gas Mask

Used by Police, SWAT

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Electronic speech projection device

Specific to different types of gas masks

M-40 and MCU2P model (shown)

Serve in Gulf war by US forces

Currently being used by FBI, US special forces

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Voice projection unit

Specific model for different types of masks

Screw model and clip-on model (shown)

Currently used by USMC

Awarded DoD contracts


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Different canisters

Depend on conditions: e.g. CN, CS, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

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Drinking Kit

Safe drinking of water