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GI PASGT Helmet, RBR Ballistic PASGT Helmet.

Snap-on Ballistic Face Shield

Riot Face Shield, Used by LAPD SWAT

Note: There is no front screw in the RBR PASGT Helmet, as it come with 3 points retention system (see below)






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RBR 3-Point retention system

Fully adjustable harness system

Comfort padding

3-point retention system

Plastic chin cup (left)

leather chin strap (right)



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PASGT Helmet Upgrades

Ballistic Liner Upgrade

Kevlar Liner Upgrade







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RBR Combat Mk III Helmet

Used by SEAL, Special forces, SWAT

Ballistic face shield available









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RBR Warrior Helmet

A new version from the Combat MK III Helmet

Extended ear protection




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A new version from PASGT helmet




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RBR GS Mark VI Combat Helmet

Used by UK Army




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RBR Defender Helmet

Compatibility with circum-aural ear defenders

Used by SAS






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SEAL Flight Deck Helmet

With Motorola Headset and boom mic

See the picture for the comparison between normal flight deck helmet and Seal flight deck helmet

SEAL headset has been modified to connect Sat. Com and Motorola MX300R radio





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Pro-tec Helmet

Used by SEAL in HALO, CQB and Para operations

Different color: Olive drab, Desert sand, Black...

Normal foam (middle left)

Special temperature-sensitive, shock absorbent and water resistant conformal helmet upgrade kit (with urethane coating) has been developed for Special operation military personals. (Lower right)