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Emerson Commando Folder

Used by Navy special group


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Mission MPK Knife

Official Knife used by SEAL, USMC force recon, Special forces

Titanium, non-magnetic knife

Steel MPK (Bottom right picture)

MPK with Mk13 Mod 0 signal flare, standard gear in SEAL operation


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Mission MPT Knife

Advanced version of MPK

Titanium, non-magnetic knife

MPT with Mk124 signal flare



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SOG SEAL 2000 Knife

Official knife of SEAL

New Krydex sheath


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Buck Master Knife

Used by SEAL




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Strider knife

Hand-made,   high quality knife

Personal purchase knives of SEAL, USMC and Special forces

Special para-cord wrapped handle

Different shape for different missions


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Strider FS



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Strider BT (Olive Drab)


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Strider WB (black)



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Timberline Knife

Specwar Model

Aviator Model


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CQD Special Operations Tactical folder

Personal purchase folder of SEAL and other special forces

Automatic version and manual version


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Microtech SOCOM and Mini SOCOM

Used by Special forces

Pictures show automatic version


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Benchmade Folder

AFO model 9050 (automatic folder)

Stryker 9100 (automatic folder)


knife-26.jpg (9034 bytes) Mission MPF-Ti



Personal purchase folder of SEAL