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AN/PAQ-4C IR Laser

US military IR target pointer

Used together with Night Vision Goggle

Front sight mounting, for M-16 with M203 (Top right)

Weapon mount for KAC rail interface (bottom right)

Remote switch diagram (bottom right)

Lever switch On-Off

Fully military specification

Used by US Army, SEAL and other special forces.

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Visible Light Illuminator (VLI)

Mount onto KAC rail interface or Mil-1913 rail interface

Fully military specification

Switch diagram (bottom right)

Other accessory: Remote switch, IR cover.

Used by SEAL, SWAT


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M-3 Tactical light

For new Glock with mounting rail

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US military laser aiming module.

Visible laser, IR laser, Visible light and IR light aiming module

Picture shown the H&K Mk 23 pistol with the LAM

Used by SEAL

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US military carbine visible laser

Mount onto M-4 rail interface


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US military Infrared Target pointer/ illuminator

Used together with NV goggle

Used by SEAL and special force

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L72 laser module

IR laser

Fit for all Sure-fire housing