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SDU-5E Strobe Light

Used by SEAL and US military


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MS-2000(M) Strobe Light

New version of strobe light

Built-in IR cover

Use two "2A" battery

Attached to "Pro-tec helmet" as seen in SEAL   (bottom right)

Currently use by US Navy and other special forces

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Mk 13 Mod Signal Flare


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Mk 124 Signal Flare


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LPU-10/P Life Preserver

Underarm pneumatic style

Used by SEAL and USAF

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LPU-21 Life Preserver

Used by SEAL and USAF

sg-6.jpg (34679 bytes) Cyalume Surface Trip Flare

NSN 6260-01-247-0363


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Military Whistle


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Ultra Hi-intensity Light Stick and Holder